bistecche impanate

grilled breaded steak


4       1/4 inch thick slices of sirloin steak
3/4     cup breadcrumbs
1/4     cup grated romano cheese
2        tablespoons chopped parsley
1        tablespoon minced capers
4        minced garlic cloves
1        teaspoon dried oregano
2        lemons cut into wedges
          ground black pepper
          olive oil

Preheat the grill to moderate or light the coals under the grill
and adjust the grate ready. Prepare the breading in a bowl
by mixing the breadcrumbs, romano cheese, parsley, capers,
garlic, oregano and a couple twists of black pepper, then
transfer to a large plate.

Beat the steaks with a meat pounder and flatten them by a
third, then generously brush or rub the steaks with olive oil.
Press the steaks into the seasoned breading and evenly coat
them with the mixture.

Place the breaded steaks on the grill, turn after several
minutes, and repeat until they cook to desired temperature.
Serve immediately with lemon wedges.

The steaks may also be pan-fried by heating 1/4 cup olive oil
over moderate heat and cooked until golden brown on each
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